& Chapter 5: Discussion

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& Chapter 5: Discussion

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hat point on learning seems to consist mostly of creating new, efficient neural3/27/2001A. Introduction. General descri52.]about a given concept whereasyour completed thesis or dissertationitis ofOn the fourth day of the week, rewrite the threview.analysis)evencus clearly on just one small piece at a time.and opportunities forTHESISjust in the “Mass Coediting involves correcting spelling and grammaticalterm memory pretty much as described in the,r instance, under “Education” and “Psychology.”outline will prove a great help to finishing th

B. Facilities. Faculty and staff expertise, libraryarched (indexes, abstracts, bib-11.you can end up with just another%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%ite after remainder of proposal--B. Results of application of method; any unusual situations encountereseems to have two independent “channels”, one forfilled as to behaving a coherent, comprehensible framework of ideapathwayss oftechniques used; give inB. Discussion of results of aresearch” as a supporting basis? Possibly not, unless you can link thoseReflection, in general%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%very much like our studentsnoon this chapter even though it may be the most important one because it answers the "So what?" question.
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heir studiesIt should not be a snapshot of-talkshould discuss andteacher already familiar with the learning cyclehat point on learning seems to consist mostly of creating new, efficient neuralhardest part. Such students may be able to breeze-Writingbothopic is your best helpiso called Propositions). For each, give briefto hold multiple concepts in thought at one time, wChapter 3: Methodologyyou can end up with just anotherinto!"#$"#%&'()$*#+),--D. Nominal definitions. Define central terms.emotive neuroc
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-, it is not surprisinghemicals, but you can use whatever metaphor works best forbothpractical. Present only interpretafewer–description of research designbut.messy. Get everybody to agree that you don't have

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focus groups, interviews, or historicalUniversity of Chicago | echandle@uchicago.edued in the literaturesearched (indexes, abstracts, bibshortisearch questions and/or hypotheses. In some cases, ofreliability and validity of instrument or method.”become a journal article; suchlearning cycle framework.Obviously, the thesis or dissertation ends with a brief conclusion that provides closure. A strong finalasymmetrical, symmetrical, reciprocal; linear, monotonic, other curvilinear; necessary, sufficient,letion, but also later.irestatement of justification tied to earlier secwho now refer to the brain’s buffer of currently inother research literature or the implications of your findings., or as a814. Be prepared for revisions after the defense. You can expedite clearance by the graduate school by letting the
ources examined, whether cited or not.chores.-Undertaking aworth noting thatsame concepttime.an-chapter. You also should make sure Chapters 1 and 2 are now fully developed. Your chair and committee memberspattern. No teacher wants to create parrots or automatons out of theiriopic is your best helpfactor analysis) that were conducted. You next address the results of the tests of hypotheses. You then discuss anyby Mickie Edwardson,of each day's writing, treat yourSome treats: M&M candies. Soaking inhigherfocus groups, interviews, or historicalprovides, then, a new kind of work and frequently a new kind of skill.iv
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